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About Master Lorcan Dracontius

Lorcan was born sometime in the late 12th century Drogheda, in what was to become the Pale of Ireland. As he was a third son the family decided that he would enter the church as a profession. While the young Lorcan had scholastic talents he had more of an interest in barding than priesting. As the Norman troops approached his home village during the invasion there was a traveling troop of minstrels performing a Mysterie for one of the church festivals. In the confusion of the attack, Lorcan ran off with the company. Eventually they made their way to England. Over the years Lorcan rose to become the troops "captain."

The company roamed the Angevian empire performing as needed using a pageant wagon as a stage. While the standard fare of the company was religious passion mysterie, it has run afoul of local authorities from time to time because of "special productions" satirizing both them and corruption in the church.  It was after one such production that Lorcan deemed it appropriate to leave the company and go on crusade.

It was while on crusade that he came to the attention of the King.  At first the services were small.  Arranging feasts, acting as liaison to the Royal Cousins.  Then as an Ambassador and Exchequer to part of the Kingdom.  These things resulted in his being awarded arms of  "Per Fess Embattled, Argent and Azure, A Dragonís Head Couped Vert and A Book Argent."  (See coronet on home page.)

His world changed forever one night while passing through a small Middle Eastern village.  While dining he became entranced with a dancer named Lady Scheherazde.  She was also well known to Their Majesties for her many good works and they soon became good friends .  Of a sudden the Crown needed the services of trusted servants in a far off and exotic land known as Bhakail and turned to them both.  So it was, that on a sweltering day in August, did the third son of a minor Irish noble suddenly find himself Baron of Bhakail. 

Twenty seasons passed and the barony prospered; the harvests were plentiful and the populace grew.  Bhakail flourished in harmony with its neighbors and Lorcan along with it.  But over time Lorcan became restless for something was missing.  Then on a spring day there appeared members of his old theater company who argued for his return to the stage.  And this he realized was what was lacking.

Late into many nights he planned a new future and finally, with the King's permission, he bid farewell and returned to the road.  There you will find him mounting masquerades medieval where the players tell of great deeds.  See them out in your travels!  The fare, both old and new, will make you think, laugh and cry, but all will entertain.

  About John St. Dennis

John lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA,  and is the Sr. Business Applications Developer for Quaker Chemical Corporation, a global specialty chemical company. His systems are being used all over the world. His programming specialties include SAS, Microsoft Access, and most recently dotNet and vb.net. In 1998 he was part of the project team that resulted in Quaker being awarded the SAS Enterprise Computing Award. Prior to 1996 John held a wide variety of management positions in the accounting areas of the US subsidiary of a major industrial gas company. A graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University, John also donates time to various non-profit organizations in the Philadelphia region.

He is a past President, Treasurer, and Board member of Plays and Players Theater. Plays and Players, founded in 1911, is the oldest continuously producing Community Theater in the United States. The theater company owns a historically certified theater in Center City, Philadelphia.

John is no stranger to the performing side of the stage having been active in both adult and children's theater. As an actor he has played a wide range of characters including Socrates "Barefoot in Athens", Van Daan "Diary of Anne Frank", Jon the Witchboy "Dark of the Moon", Farmer McGreggor "Peter Rabbit", Scarecrow "Wizard of Oz" and his favorite, Minster Han in "Emperor's New Clothes." Directorial credits include Tennessee William's "Period of Adjustment", the Philadelphia premiere of Lanford Wilson's "Talley & Son",  "Macbeth", "The Lion in Winter", and numerous children's plays. As a playwright his work includes the trilogy "A Dragon Named Harold", "Ruby of Secrets", "St. Mark's Place", and "Dark Corners."

His principal recreation is as a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA. The SCA is a non-profit, educational association, dedicated to reenacting both the Medieval and Renaissance periods of history with worldwide branches centered in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. He has been Exchequer, or Treasurer, for both the Barony of Bhakail (Philadephia branch) and the Southern Region of the "East Kingdom" and recently finished serving as Baron of Bhakail.  Currently his is artistic director of "The Masquerade Medieval" which is a theater company based in the SCA specializing in producing both period plays and plays about period.

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